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    Photovoltaic panels' water drained away clip


    1. The losses of PV panels edge soiling for Solar Photovoltaic Systems

    When it rains, due to the slight projection of the edge of the panels, the stagnant water is not drained away in time, and the mud in the stagnant water precipitates to soiling the edges or the corners of the modules. The accumulation of dirt in the panels edge or in the corners, can have dramatic consequences on the proper functioning of the photovoltaic system, it reduces photovoltaic panel power generation, and will form hot spots effect, reducing the service life of panels.

    2. What is "photovoltaic panels water drained away clip" ?

    The PV panels water drained away clip is a self-fastening clip, made of plastic. The length is about 68 mm, weight 8 grams, and the width is based on the thickness of the panels aluminum alloy frame. Now there have five types: 45 mm, 40 mm, 35 mm, 30 mm, 25 mm; the size can be customized. Clasped the water clip to the bottom edge of the PV panel,the stagnant water will flows away, there is no fouling again.

    3. How to install?

    First, make the whole surfaces of the PV panels clean, and clasped the water clip to the bottom edge of the panels , and don't tilt it, so it is ok, if it rains again, there will be no mud zone.


    In order to prevent stepping on the panel glass, you can use the photovoltaic panel protection mat.



    4. Notice:

    Because the PV panel was made by different factories, so the sizes have a little different. Although, most panels can be installed normally, but however, there are some panels that cannot be used, so, before a large number of installations, you need to use a small number of samples to test install.



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